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About Diane

Over the past two decades, I co-managed a billion dollar wealth management practice at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and First Republic Bank. For many years, I dedicated my career to helping entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Fortune 500 executives, private business owners and entertainers oversee the complexities of their wealth. During my career I was recognized by Barron's as one of the top advisors in California and in Colorado. 


A few years ago, the University of Colorado at Boulder asked me to teach a class to MBA students on Advanced Portfolio Management. I quickly discovered I loved teaching and sharing what I have learned with students. I continue to teach both graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of subjects at CU Boulder, where I won the Marinus Smith Award for making a positive difference in the lives of my students.


What began as a way of giving back to my community quickly grew to a passion of mine: teaching people how to achieve financial independence. My goal is to bring the techniques I used to help wealthy individuals to the general public.

More information can be found at Linkedin.

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